Interstate Travel in the Republic of New Hampshire

Many people rightfully fear that once we cut ties to DC, they may not be able to travel to other states for work or pleasure. Of course, many New Hampshire citizens do work in Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. Many also travel to other states to see family or for vacations. The post Interstate Travel in […]

National Defense In The Republic Of New Hampshire

Without the federal government, how would the tiny Republic of New Hampshire remain safe from foreign threats and hostile world powers? We would be living in the smallest country in the world, and we would not have the money or manpower for a serious military, right? The post National Defense In The Republic Of New […]

Historic Panel On State Secession Held In New Hampshire

On June 21, 2022, at this year’s Porcfest in northern New Hampshire a historic event was held, with another all-star secession panel featuring Americans United for Peaceful Separation co-chairs, Steven Axelman and Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller, Foundation for New Hampshire Independence President Alu Axelman, Calexit President Marcus Ruiz Evans, NH State Reps. Mike […]