N.H. General Court Needs to Uphold Its Constitutional Duties to The People

Government has been turned upside down. It no longer exists for the people, but rather for the government. And I’m not just a part time conspiracy theorist (isn’t everyone nowadays if you don’t buy the mainstream B.S.?). I moonlight as a N.H. State Representative, as well. Figured the extra $100 a year could really pad […]

USA Today’s TEXIT Article: A Masterclass in Misinformation and Circular Sourcing

USA Today’s latest article on TEXIT is riddled with inaccuracies and serves as a prime example of biased reporting. Find out how the Texas Nationalist Movement’s predictions of media misinformation have come true and why this is a sign of the movement’s progress. In a recent article published by USA Today, author Nate Trela attempts […]