Federal Lawsuit Shows TEXIT is the Only Path to Border Security for Texas

For those of us in the Texas Nationalist Movement, the issue of border security isn’t just a talking point—it’s a matter of immediate concern for the safety, sovereignty, and future of Texas. The federal government’s recent lawsuit against our state over a floating barrier on the Rio Grande is a glaring example of why TEXIT […]

Texas Nationalism: The Hill I Will Die On

If you are offended by the word “nationalist,” there are only two possibilities. Either you are a globalist, or you don’t truly comprehend how big the fight for our freedom really is. Sitting right smack in the middle of the name of the organization to which I have given the last 17 years of my […]

National Divorce? If States Want To Leave, They Have The Power!

Those opposed to states leaving the Union think it is illegal – they shouldn’t be too sure. Dr. Matt Qvortrup breaks down Texas v White and the arguments against national divorce. The recent British Supreme Court judgment on the Scottish independence referendum has people questioning what would happen if American states tried to leave the […]