The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #193

Republican loss in the special congressional election in NY yesterday; how much may have been due to snow? How much due to Mazi Pilip being a registered democrat? How much attributable to Trump being the nominee? How much to the backlash against Santos having won an election there? What is being done to recruit another […]

Zephan’s Bitcoin Sermon – January

Starting in January, I have begun writing sermons or as we say in Judaism “drashot,” about my religious beliefs regarding blockchain technology. I believe that in the current age, my religious beliefs are under attack and so I believe it is my duty to articulate my beliefs to normalize them in the hopes that they […]

Bill Would Address Violations of Free Speech By Government-Run Colleges

On Friday, New Hampshire State Representative Mike Belcher (R-Wakefield) posted a press release to X regarding violations of free speech by government-run colleges in New Hampshire. A bill proposed in this session by eight Representatives and three Senators would address the issue by prohibiting the college administrators from discriminating against political speech they oppose.  The […]

Should Property Owners Be Forced To Renew Leases?

Larry was kind enough to not evict Timmy in the middle of his lease, but he has resolved to not renew the contract with the unpleasant tenant. After all, Larry owns the property and can do whatever he wants with it. But according to current state law, Larry is forced to let Timmy stay on […]

Breaking: 24 NH Legislators Vote For Secession

On Thursday afternoon, the New Hampshire House voted on CACR20, legislation that would place a question on the ballot asking voters if they wished to amend the New Hampshire Constitution to include a provision stating that New Hampshire declares independence from the union once the DC politicians rack up a debt of $40 trillion.  The […]

The RIGHT Mode For Guardsmen – Stewart Secures Funding

Yesterday, I placed a mid-size donation into a fund that seeks to reimburse US Border agents and soldiers who choose to continue their work in an alliance with the Texas Guard or the volunteer groups now establishing themselves to protect Americans’ lives and property.  The post The RIGHT Mode For Guardsmen – Stewart Secures Funding […]

These Bills Would Ban Memes, Posts, & Videos

A number of bills proposed by legislators in New Hampshire this session may be worrisome for supporters of free speech. Three bills relate to posting things online that any person may find objectionable… The post These Bills Would Ban Memes, Posts, & Videos appeared first on The Liberty Block.

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #189

The crew gets into a heated argument right from the get go; Trump’s victory in Iowa; Is Iowa ever predictive? Was the low turnout a sign of low enthusiasm? Does the press want Trump as the Republican nominee? How will the National Guard v. Feds faceoff end in Texas? Government of NJ fighting against NYC […]

The “No Confidence” Vote: Overdue & Supremely Helpful

From a Presidential Candidate who does NOT want to be President: Americans are due for a “no confidence” mechanism. Presidential primaries offer an oblique way of voters expressing no confidence in their current president. But in the process, a voter must choose among a wide swath of candidates whom she or he might be FOR, […]