The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #206

Even some liberals are opining that Trump’s prosecutions are politically motivated; Biden agrees to 2 debates, with some conditions; is RFK’s campaign being taken less seriously because of his VP selection? NY appeals court turned down the appeal on the gag order against Trump in NYC. Is the media also suing? Washington Post demands people […]

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #205

Steve attends his youngest son’s law school graduation, so Mike hosts the show with the Eds and Meagan. They discuss the insanity of the ongoing Trump trials, Rashida Tlaib and the pro-Hamas members of Congress, and much more! The post The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #205 appeared first on The Liberty Block.

Zephan’s Bitcoin Sermon – April

This sermon is made in honor of the holy sacrament of 4/20. In the Torah, God said in the context of creating the world for man, “See, I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth, and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; they shall be yours for food.” Genesis 1:29. When […]

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #204

Noem’s shooting-her-dog story; is this just another ghost-written book and it doesn’t matter what the book says; who should Trump pick for VP? Noem has no backbone after capitulating to the NCAA on women’s sports; for what reason did Trump meet with Desantis? Did he think he needs help from Desantis? Should Trump select his […]

NY Judge Says Quiet Part Out Loud; Endorses Secession?

A judge in New York may have slipped up when he repudiated the US Constitution on the record during a trial. Essentially supporting secession from the federal government, judge Abena Darkeh proclaimed that the federal constitution did not exist in his courtroom. This decision absolutely violated the federal constitution and the US Supreme Court.  The […]

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #200

Disney has won its battle in a proxy way to remain woke against outsiders; liberals keep fighting; conservatives often accept defeat as final; do establishment leaders in D.C. succumb to more than just peer pressure? threats? should republicans engage in issues such as “income equality”—turn the issue against liberal jurisdictions? Attacks on free speech in […]

Alu Publishes Daily Journal For Liberty Inspiration!

After writing and publishing nine books about liberty, Alu has taken on some unique ventures related to writing. He has helped three other libertarians self-publish their own books, he’s translated his books into Spanish, and there are numerous other projects in the works. One of these projects simply involved compiling some of the best quotes […]

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #198

Chuck Schumer’s statement on Netanyahu and elections in Israel; Trump’s statements on Jews and democrats; Extremely high fines against Trump and his appeal; should Trump fight harder and more publicly/be more provocative; Fani Willis and Nathan Wade and the judge’s ruling regarding disqualification. The post The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #198 appeared first on The Liberty […]

Zephan’s Bitcoin Sermon – March

In the Torah, in the Chapter of Leviticus 19:36, it states, “You shall have an honest balance, honest weights, an honest unit of dry good measurement, and an honest unit of wet good measurement. I יהוה am your God who freed you from the land of Egypt.” In ancient Israeli society, weights were used to […]

Goldback Hits All-Time High; Dollar In Freefall

As I prepared to pull out my Goldbacks for my sandwich at Robie’s country store and diner Wednesday, the co-owner informed me that the dollar had fallen below a fifth of a goldback. I remember when the exchange rate was around 3.20 dollars for each goldback just before the scamdemic. It’s been around four for […]