Legislation Would Require Vaccines To Have Actual Human Trials

Bipartisan legislation in the New Hampshire legislature would require all vaccines and pharmaceutical products to undergo human clinical trials before being the state or local governments could purchase, promote, or distribute them. Among the sponsors are two Senators and multiple liberty Representatives. Over the past few years, we witnessed one of the most horrific crimes […]

Short Book Obliterates The Constitution

In a major pivot, Alu Axelman has decided to write a book that could be consumed easily in one sitting by the average reader. In only around 15 minutes, a person of average intelligence can understand why the US Constitution is fatally flawed. The post Short Book Obliterates The Constitution appeared first on The Liberty […]

Make Switzerland Neutral Again

The most important thing to do now is to continue to support the principles of neutrality, particularly in Switzerland. Support the protestors that are demanding for a return to the Swiss neutrality of the past and all others that are bringing light to the fact that this is sadly occurring. I do not plan on […]

Correcting NBC & Karen On Secession

As part of their documentary series on the huge liberty movement in New Hampshire, NBC has invited various characters in the documentary to their studio for in-depth interviews about the episode. For episode four, NBC’s producers invited Karen Steele to discuss her opposition to liberty and independence. The post Correcting NBC & Karen On Secession […]

Regulating the Value of Money and the 1834 Coinage Act

The 1834 Coinage Act is a very important Act to understand, because the Supreme Court later misattributed false monetary theories against it, to deviously uphold legal tender paper currency, ultimately depriving Americans of both gold and silver coin. The post Regulating the Value of Money and the 1834 Coinage Act appeared first on The Liberty […]

Conner Drigotas On Fear of the FSP

That’s why I raised my eyebrows at some of the folks in the documentary, especially those who expressed fear that people like me, my wife, and my toddler would choose to make New Hampshire home. Throughout the nine available episodes, Free State Project supporters, myself included, were described as “dangerous,” “extremist,” and seeking to change […]

Responding to Bongino’s Secession Reservations

For at least the past few months, Dan Bongino has been flirting with the idea of a state seceding from the union and governing itself as an independent nation. Bongino is among the most popular conservative talk show hosts, and he is the only conservative podcast that I listen to daily. The post Responding to […]

NH House To Consider Resolution Condemning Violence Against Peaceful Separationists

A House Concurrent Resolution proposed in New Hampshire would express the sentiment that the legislature condemns the use of violence against any group of people who support peaceful separation and self-governance.  The post NH House To Consider Resolution Condemning Violence Against Peaceful Separationists appeared first on The Liberty Block.

7 Reasons We Should Continue Wearing Masks

Three years into the worst pandemic in human history, many people are becoming understandably complacent. Despite masks being perfectly effective at preventing the spread of coronavirus, people have been wearing them less than ever before since 2019. If protecting yourself and everyone around you isn’t enough of a reason to put on a mask, here […]

New Hampshire Woman Publishes Collection of Corona-Fascism Poems

A local woman has published a book consisting of a few dozen of her written works over the past few years. Throughout the scamdemic, Cheryl Rounds has been spreading joy and hope with her smile, her memes, letters, and poems. For the first time, her work is available on Amazon and in person for readers […]