The Future of TEXIT In The Texas Senate May Depend On This One Run-Off

Early voting for the primary run-offs has started, and the outcome of one particular race could determine the future of TEXIT in the Texas Senate.

The runoff for Senate District 24 is a showdown between Pete Flores, a candidate hand-picked by the political establishment, and Raul Reyes, the only candidate in the race who signed the “Texas First Pledge.” It has turned into a proxy battle between Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and TEXIT supporters.

According to the Texas Tribune, “Patrick was eager to return Flores to the Senate, and redistricting provided the perfect opportunity.” However, after losing to a Democrat in SD19 in 2018, Flores could not be sure of a win in that district. So, the RINOs safely redrew SD24 to include Flores’ hometown of Pleasanton, and Flores rushed to announce his campaign only days after the initial draft of the Senate map came out. With the new lines, the district is heavily Republican and should ensure a win for Patrick through Flores.

However, Patrick didn’t count on Raul Reyes, who has proven to be a thorn in the side of the Republican “establishment” before. Flores didn’t win his primary outright. Only receiving 46% of the vote, he will have to face Reyes in the run-off on May 24th. This has to chap Patrick’s hide. According to Flores’ website, he has “great admiration” for Patrick, and Patrick says he “needs” Flores back in the senate so he can continue to advance his agenda.

In a recent interview, Reyes says Patrick is filling the senate with “yes” men, making the Senate an army of one – and that would be Dan Patrick. Patrick wants nothing more than to keep a tight grip on his membership so he can advance his agenda while conservative priorities languish (Tribune). Patrick has made it clear who his pawns are. Four out of his five “chosen ones” already won their primaries and are favored to win in the general election in November.

He wants Flores in office so badly that he donated $158,521 of his own money to Flores’ campaign. According to Texas Scorecard, other anti-conservative and “establishment” groups have contributed substantially to Flores or given their endorsements. According to Transparency USA, Flores has raised over $1,033,830 in donations and has spent over $616,176.99 just on marketing and advertising.  It sounds like he and Patrick are just a bit scared of their opponent.

Reyes, however, has the backing of more Texas-minded conservative individuals, such as former Sheriff Billy Hopper ($300,000), members of the Saulsbury family ($12,506), the True Texas Project, Grassroots America: We the People, the Texas Eagle Forum, local Republican clubs, Gun Owners of America – Texas, and Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. Miller says Reyes will “work tirelessly” to “support our conservative values” and protect our Texan liberties and way of life.

So how is it that Reyes, who has only raised about $330,000 to Flores’ $1,030,000, can give the looting Flores a run for his money? Maybe it’s because, according to the Tribune, Reyes is running a campaign of opposition and disdain for Patrick and his “echo chamber.” Reyes can be “bombastic and confrontational” and will “shake up the status quo in Austin.”

The people of Texas are sick and tired of electing people to office who will not represent them. Flores has a history of bowing down to Patrick and Abbott, while Reyes has a history of fighting for the people. Unfortunately, Patrick wants nothing more than to add more swamplings to his swampland.

Raul Reyes promises to bring “conservative commonsense” back to Austin. According to his bio, he will never stop fighting for our God-given freedoms and constitutional rights. In addition, Reyes has promised to represent SD24 with honor and be accountable to the people, not Dan Patrick. He has also signed the Texas First Pledge, promising to put the needs of Texans above all others.

If you live in Senate District 24 or know voters who do, you must take action now.

First and foremost, if you reside in SD24, make sure you get out to vote. Early voting starts May 16th, with the election on May 24th. You can find your polling sites here.

If you would like to donate or help with the campaign, visit the Reyes4Texas website.

We owe our support to those who stand up publicly for the principles of freedom and independence. So do your part today, and let’s go win.

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