The Republican Convention, TEXIT, and a Mainstream Media Meltdown

Following the Texas Republican Convention where 9,000 delegates embraced two planks calling for an independence referendum, TEXIT is everywhere. What does it all mean? Join Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement as he dedicates the entire hour of his weekly livestream, Late Night Coffee Talk, to unpacking the convention, what happened, what it […]

Can Texas Legally Withdraw From The Union?

Those opposed to Texas becoming an independent nation love to reach into their bag of misinformation and claim that it’s illegal for Texas, or any State, to leave the union. It’s time to set the record straight on Texit and show them to be either misinformed or liars of the highest order. The following is […]

Someone Is Threatening Candidates Who Signed The TNM’s TEXAS FIRST Pledge

Putting Texas first and upholding the inalienable rights of Texans seems to be a bridge too far for some in the political establishment. But this disdain for the people of Texas has led some to bully and threaten signers of the Texas First pledge until they withdraw their pledge. As Texans, we believe that a […]

The Future of TEXIT In The Texas Senate May Depend On This One Run-Off

Early voting for the primary run-offs has started, and the outcome of one particular race could determine the future of TEXIT in the Texas Senate. The runoff for Senate District 24 is a showdown between Pete Flores, a candidate hand-picked by the political establishment, and Raul Reyes, the only candidate in the race who signed […]

NH Veterans Form PAC To Support Separation From The Union

Since legislation in support of New Hampshire independence was filed last fall, support for peaceful separation from DC has flourished. While CACR32 did not pass the legislature, the outpouring of support for independence from the disastrous union controlled by DC has only continued to pick up steam. The post NH Veterans Form PAC To Support […]

What I Learned From My First Trip to the State House

I went to the New Hampshire State House for the first time on March 10th to support a constitutional amendment called CACR32. I handed out an informative flier to state reps and then sat in the gallery and watched the house session. What I learned about this strange cult shocked me. There were three things […]

Did Anti-Independence Reps Break The Law?

Not one anti-independence legislator has ever agreed to debate the question of NH Independence. If they believe in their cause so strongly, why are they afraid to publicly defend their stance? The anti-liberty legislators knew that independence had a large amount of support among people and legislators. So, they utilized all the tools at their […]

BREAKING: NH House Kills Legislation To Allow Citizens To Vote In Independence

The Democrats opposed the motion to table CACR32, because they wanted every pro-independence legislator on record supporting separation from the union. The motion did fail, and there was a roll call vote on the ITL motion, which would kill the bill. All representatives except for 13 voted to kill the bill. The majority of legislators […]

Energy Policy In The Republic Of New Hampshire

What would energy production and consumption look like in an independent state of New Hampshire?  Currently, New Hampshire residents consume around 320 trillion BTU of energy per year. The Seabrook nuclear power plant provided 59% of New Hampshire’s 2020 in-state electricity net generation, according to The rest of our Read more… The post Energy […]